Why Choose HAT?

The Hash Algorithmic Technologies (HAT) ecosystem is designed to cater to the needs of the average person. It's vision is to bring the benefits of crypto to the global audience using a simple, intuitive and reliable application. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it aims to offer support for all ERC-20 tokens and major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC.

In order to provide users easy access to purchasing crypto, the HAT.CashCards will act like prepaid cards allowing users to simply load fiat money into their HAT.Wallet, which can then be used to purchase HAT tokens. Despite being an exchange, HAT does not hold user assets. All information is stored on user's device and encrypted for security.

Cash Cards

HAT.CashCards let users purchase prepaid codes locally or online with the payment options available to them. Once the value is redeemed, it can be spent on purchasing either HAT tokens or BTC, LTC and ETH. Cash Cards are the cornerstone of true mass adoption, enabling users in territories with less advanced financial systems to buy into crypto with incredible ease.

High-Return Rewards System

The HAT.Exchange Incentive for Stake (IFS) model is designed specifically to maintain a continuous rewards program which begins with an Annualised Rewards Rate (ARR) of 15% per year. Users holding HAT tokens can use the app (both mobile and desktop) to stake their tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The staked tokens can be withdrawn at any given time. It's that simple!

Intensive AML/KYC Processing

Users on the HAT.Exchange ecosystem are required to submit to AML and KYC processing, ensuring that the network is secure for everyone. The project aims to be fully compliant with the laws of all the territories it operates in.

Security & Privacy

HAT.Exchange and its components offer a secure application for the users. All private user information is encrypted and stored on the user's device and transmitted when necessary, to be propagated by the Ethereum network. As such, users are responsible for the security of their devices.

Privacy is a priority concern for most users. Therefore, HAT.Exchange stores KYC information offline as hardcopy files. This information remains secure from any potential hack attempts.

Staking with HAT.Wallet

The HAT.Wallet functions as an independent application, allowing users to stake their HAT tokens on the Ethereum network. The process is instant and incurs a small gas fee (charged in ETH). Staking is a crucial part of the IFS rewards system where users can earn HAT tokens, as rewards, at a fixed ARR every year.

The IFS model will continue to drop rewards to 'stakers' until the 7 million hard cap is reached. Once the total supply is achieved, users can continue to stake their tokens and receive rewards from the pool of tokens gathered through transaction fees. The IFS model is designed to offer rewards for an indefinite period of time.

Interactions on the blockchain, such as adding and withdrawing stake or claiming rewards, incur small fees in ETH as gas.

Users are able to either generate an ERC-20 wallet or import an existing one into the app. Importing a wallet is a simple process and the only requirement is that it be ERC-20 compliant.

NOTE: Users are entirely responsible for securing the private keys to any ERC-20 wallet. Should you create one within the application or import, be sure to save your private key somewhere secure, to avoid losing any assets. Remember, HAT.Exchange does not store your private info!

Staking with HAT tokens is extremely convenient. Simply select the amount of HAT tokens to stake and set the gas price for the transcation. You're done! Users can stake through all platforms and do not need to keep their apps running. It is important to note, however, that users will only be able to claim rewards once the first 3 days (72 hours) of staking have passed.

Withdrawing HAT tokens from stake removes your staked amount back to the associated wallet. This does not include any rewards gained. As such, be sure to claim any pending rewards before you withdraw. Once withdrawn, the tokens can either be staked again, traded or transferred.


HAT Token


Initial Supply

2,500,000 HAT

Total Supply

7,000,000 HAT





Download the Beta App

HAT.Wallet beta is now out on Windows and macOS. Get your build here.


Yes. In order to remain compliant with the regulations of AML/KYC globally and to provide a secure network of users, you must submit to KYC in order to be eligible on the HAT.Exchange platform.
As promised to the community, information regarding the team behind HAT.Exchange is available on the website of the holding company, Bynary Inc. You can visit it here - bynaryinc.com
The wallet is currently in beta, with progressive features to be implemented on a regular basis. The alpha phase for the exchange commenced from the start of Q2, where selected community members participate in the testing group. Once developmental milestones are achieved and relevant jurisdiction compliance is met, the exchange component will be made available to the public, officially.
Your wallet information (public/private keys) is secured by symmetric encryption and stored on your device. The app transmits this encrypted information to be propagated to the Ethereum network. HAT.Exchange does NOT store your wallet information. Passwords for user logins are also encrypted and verified emails are the only identifiers stored with us. Information submitted through KYC is protected as per the AML/KYC policy.

HAT.Exchange Whitepaper

HAT.Exchange offers a plethora of solutions to creating a harmonious bond between crypto and the conventional financial world. Check out the whitepaper for an in-depth look at the future ecosystem.